Exciting New Changes

The CLASS Christian Writer’s Conference I just went to gave me all kinds of fresh new ideas. I feel a little like a kid examining all my new school supplies. I can’t wait to for the chance to use each one.

The first place I am going to start is this blog. For the most part itwill remain the same,but I am  going to add some new and exciting elements. It won’t happen all at once, so be on the lookout.

My first addition is a monthly challenge. Each month I will issue a challenge that requires a little bravery. I will explain it step by step, so that we can all participate in it together. This will give us a chance to encourage each other and witness all the cool things God does in each of our lives.

My plan is to give the challenge on the first day of each month. Since this is our first one, I am giving a sneak peek.

This video is your clue.


I am sure you have tons of questions.   I will explain in detail on December 1.



CLASS Christian Writers Conference Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Whew, I am back, and no, I didn’t fall in the remains of the well located a few feet from our front door. Instead of a pit, I was on a mountain top, literally and spiritually. A precious person in my life gave me an all expense paid trip to the CLASS Christian Writers Conference in New Mexico. It has taken me a week to process my time there, and the only description I can come up with is, it was AMAZING.

For starters, I got to experience some feelings I haven’t felt in since high school. No, not raging hormones, but raging emotions. Emotions, that centered around me and what God was/is doing with me. I hate to admit it, but there is a name for what I experienced and its called, All About Me. I am guessing I’m being about as clear as the water in the well I mentioned, so I will elaborate. The conference felt like church camp for adults times ten. For the last 15 years, all the similar trips I’ve been on, I went  as a sponsor. I’ve been blessed to watch God move, speak and change teen’s and adult’s lives. I’ve been a witness to numerous answered prayers and even miracles. This time, instead of watching, I received and it was AMAZING.

                                                                                                                             My room, #8
I stayed up late giggling and dreaming in the bunk house with my new friends, then tore thru the cold for a morning shower in our “shared” bathroom. Good food just appeared without any of my menu planning, grocery shopping or cooking. I attended remarkable chapel services that required none of my greeting, set up, tear down, or ministry skills. I sat for hours at the feet of pro’s learning the ins and outs of writing. Editors, agents and authors shared their wisdom.I even got published in another book. I was loved on, encouraged and prayed for. Best of all, God’s presence was there. If for some reason you couldn’t feel it or sense in the people, all you had to do was look up. His beauty was everywhere and it was AMAZING.

Me and Bruce Wilkinson

The bunk house I stayed in (far right corner)

God opened some huge doors for me and spoke clearly about the direction He wants me headed in. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. All I can offer in return is my obedience.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. . .