About Me

    I'm a West Texas Woman, married to an East Coast Pastor.We are currently residing at the family farm, while waiting expectantly for God to provide us with a job and a home of our own. God has a sense of humor so He blessed us with 4 strong willed kids in 5 years. No two of my days are the same and that’s the way I like it. With Christ and Diet Coke, we can handle just about anything. When I am not helping my husband, chasing the kids,  or volunteering at church, I like to write, run, pretend to be a photographer and then scrapbook it all. Some of my favorite things are hanging out with my kids, date night with my hubby, my precious friends, being outside, traveling, sleeping in, staying at a bed and breakfast, having company, making stuff, playing in the snow, my Mema’s quilts and prayers, and my sister who is forever inspiring me.

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