"I hope you last a long time Daddy"...Kaylee age 5


Overcome said...

Great post Leah. Dan the Man Clancy is a spiritual adventurer, a very deep person, with great stories to tell. All the stories are true of course and the ones I have lived with him are way better to have experienced them personally because I wouldnt believe 'em if you told them to me. Suffice it to say that Dan, like Forrest Gump, has been in some amazing historic encounters in the spiritual life of people, churches, cities, and states, and he's given alot up to do it. And we are all better for his sacrifices and efforts.

My biggest deficit is that I don't know Dan the Dad, which seems like an oxymoron to me, having mostly known him as a single guy. Nevertheless I am absolutely sure that God instilled wonderful gifts in you both that would only be revealed in marriage and in parenthood. And, oh the opportunity to experience a different dimension of the Father when we are experiencing our kids, huh?! Happy Birthday Dan from the Adolphs in Columbus, Ohio! We am very glad you were born!

Amy Huskins said...

Leah, this is an amazing tribute both to Dan as well as your lovely family. I am blessed to know ya'll and I can also confirm that Dan had indeed changed my life. He took a countless number of kids, including myself twice to minister to less fortunate children in Mexico. He taught about about the Lord over campfires, guitars, canoes, picnic tables, one-on-one, etc. Not only did he help light my fire for the Lord, but he stood in front of my family and friends and pronounced me Mrs. Robert Huskins! (Thanks Leah for helping me get dressed that day!) I am proud of you both for the people that you are and the examples you both set for Christ! Love you!

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