The David Crowder Band's New Video "Shine" (a great piece of brave)

One of my favorite things to use as a piece of brave is music. There are tons of song lyrics out there that remind me how big God is and that he already has everything under control.  Sometimes I play the music to get pumped up before I have to do something scary, like Rocky did when he was getting ready for the big fight.  I can hear the theme song now.......

The David Crowder Band is one of my all time favorite worship bands.  I love David's voice and the style of the music.  Their songs have been a source of strength for me during hard times.   I got to go hear David at his church in Waco this summer.  It was amazing.  The church is geared towards college students. Since it was summertime, only a few people were there.  I secretly pretended I was at my own private concert.

Besides an amazing time worshiping God, the best part of visiting the church was seeing how humble and real David is.  He held open the doors, greeted people and hung out drinking coffee just like everyone else.  When it was time for him to lead the music, he and the band played as if they were playing a concert for thousands.  It didn't matter that only a handful of us were in the audience.  The Band just wanted to honor God with their best. I don't know about you, but it feels good to know that David is the real deal.  Just a regular ole' person.

The David Crowder Band has just released this video.  I LOVE it.  I know you will too.

I chose to post it on my blog because it's a great example of using a "piece of brave".  Did you notice how the couple used a flower as a symbol throughout their lives? The words are incredible too. The band and people from the church made all the light bright scenes themselves. I love that David leaned on his church family for help.  So great. Did I mention I LOVE this video?



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